Former WSOP Main Event Champ Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Greek myths mirror real life with stories of success and debauchery, pride and humiliation, and secrets that lead to dastardly results. We all keep in mind poker pro Mike ‚The Mouth‘ Matusow’s 2003 cocaine arrest that eventually led to a stint that is six-month Clark County jail on charges of felony control with intent to sell. In reality, the list of poker player scandals, maybe not surprisingly, is colorful indeed, and you can now add 2004 World variety of Poker Main Event champion Greg Raymer compared to that list: he was arrested in early March after responding up to a ad that is website prostitutes. Unfortunately he was nabbed, one presumes, when he showed up to meet his hooker at a police-selected hotel for him, the ad was a sting set up by North Carolina police, and. Raymer is married, and was allegedly searching for some action on the part. Even though story originally reported that it in fact was a prostitution that is male, that apparent error was quickly amended. Whoops.

Tale Hook

Wake Forest, North Carolina police say that 48-yr-old Raymer ‚was one of six men who responded to an advertisement posted by undercover police on a web site usually used by prostitutes.‘

Wake Forest police chief Jeffrey Leonard added that ‚the locations prostitutes decide for this type of unlawful activity differ, and seldom stay the exact same for higher than a couple of days at a right time, making enforcement d Read the rest of this entry »

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an attempt to quash gambling that is illegal in Thailand

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an attempt to quash gambling that is illegal in Thailand Commander-in-Chief General Adul Snagsingkaew announced a crackdown on gambling dens and other places of ‚vice‘ throughout the country. As a result, more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 recently took part in a Thai gambling den raid performed regarding the Tao that is infamous Poon in Bangkok. However, the procedure didn’t go quite to prepare as patrons associated with venue took umbrage to the raid and chose to defend their right to gamble.

Police Attacked by Unhappy Gamblers

Local news reports stated that upon the arrival of the original 50-strong authorities squad, the entry points to the casino were too well-fortified to use, therefore the police proceeded to climb up onto the roofs associated with neighboring buildings, using ladders to bridge the gaps between the rooftops in a daring bid to gain access to your building. However, with this part of the operation, the authorities came under assault from locals who began pelting law enforcement with sticks, rocks, containers, ceiling tiles and basically whatever else the irate locals could put at them. It was noted that some even used fire extinguishers and scalding warm water regarding the poor police.

No Haul

The delay caused by the assault on law enforcement meant that after they had finally gained access to the casino by way of a vent, all they found were nine gambling tables, but no gamblers, wor Read the rest of this entry »